Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The photos on my site are 100% me. I pride myself on making sure I take professional photos and to update them regularly as much as I can. Due to my privacy and safety, I have blurred my eyes out in some photos.

My rates are non negotiable. Asking would be a misstep upon which no further relationship could be built.

When you’re ready to book a session, please fill out my direct booking form on my website. If you have any questions prior to booking, please email me at [email protected]. Once a session has been booked, you will receive my direct phone number for further communication.

Please visit my Services page to go over my discret Screening Process and Etiquette Guidelines. I expect respectfulness throughout the entire duration. To make the date as enjoyable as possible for both parties, please arrive well groomed.

While I appreciate your need for discretion, my safety is just as important as your privacy. Trust will play an integral part of our relationship. If I can not verify you, I can not see you. By completing this necessary step, it is a sign that you will respect me and our time together. It will also put me at ease and allow us to have a wonderful and memorable time. All info is strictly confidential, never shared and deleted after submitting.

My attire is always dependent on the location or session, the time of day and/or the event. While out in public, I will always be dressed stylishly and elegantly, making sure to turn every head while on your arm! If staying in, the options are endless! I have a wardrobe full of sexy lingerie and outfits! Be sure to mention any favorites when booking so I can better cater our time together!

Please allow at least 24-48 hours for a booking or email response. If your email is inappropriate in any way, it will be instantly discarded and you will not be contacted.

All of my sessions are professional and unrushed. I work hard to make sure each one is tailored specifically to your needs. I am very selective and do not cater to everyone who contacts me. In return, this allows me to provide the luxurious treatment that I pride myself in!